Trans-4M - Arrival / Amma Mixes (Single)

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Following our discovery of the audio artefact known as “Sublunar Point” in scrubland outside Antwerp, Belgium, we asked colleagues to scour the area for related materials. We can now confirm that a further audio artefact was unearthed and brought to the Safe Trip Laboratory for testing. The summary of our findings is as follows:

• Using electro-acoustic analysis, groove deconstruction, psycho-lunar testing and carbon-nuclear sub-division, we were able to accurately date the two musical compositions contained within the canister of audiotape. We cannot 100% confirm our suspicion that they were created by the same siblings behind “Sublunar Point”, but the balance of probability suggests that they were.

• The first work has been given the title “Amma (Moon Mix)” in tribute to its unique properties. We initially found no response to any of our tests, including patented methods such as tape biopsy and note sequencing. However, when a full moon was hanging in the sky, the musical work was audible both inside and outside the lab.

• We attempted to match the “Oracle Genome” sequence extracted from the work using our extensive database of audio artefacts that have been made available to the public via the Safe Trip Laboratory’s openness programme. We discovered that this particular work was identical to one that emerged from Belgium in 1993.

• To ascertain the optimal frequency of the second artefact discovered on the unearthed tape, our researchers handed copies to 23 members of the public and asked them to listen to the works at wildly different speeds. After reviewing the data, we were surprised to discover that the optimal frequency was 23,000 Hz. Curiously, this a frequency that only dogs can hear.

• Fearing our research methods were not getting results, a second team of human “guinea pigs” was assembled in a dark room, played the work on a loop for 17.4 hours and then asked to say the first word that came to mind. All 47 of the respondents said the word “Arrival”. This is therefore the name of the work, which we believe is a very special, unheard composition created at the same time as “Sublunar Oracles”, the long playing artefact mentioned earlier.

We invite colleagues the world over to analyze and test this audio artefact further in order to increase our understanding of this mysterious and thought-provoking item.