Bless This Mess - Day-O (Past Fire Edits) (Single)

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The highest-ranking Safe Trip organization agent, known to the public as “Young Marco”, may have gone rogue. Our concern grew when we discovered a sealed package within the emergency safe deposit box, access to which is limited to our top ranking operatives. The package contained a portable flash drive (stored on which were two audio files) and a handwritten note bearing the words “PAST FIRE”.

 Each of the audio files, which were labeled “PF 100”, appeared to contain edited and rearranged elements from Dutch recordings that first appeared in the late 1980s. Both featured contrasting music elements (“trippy” and “humid” were the words we would use) and were underpinned by rhythmic percussion. One featured extensive vocal passages while the other was mostly instrumental, containing only one repeated phrase: “Daylight comes and we want to go home”.