Ben Penn - Spare Hobby / Carrera (Single)

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As instructed, we met up with Agent 23, who consequently introduced us to the test subject, codename “Ben Penn”. After being escorted into the bunker, Penn was injected with a modified dosage of 4-HO-MET and locked inside with only a handful of electronic machines for company. It was quickly evident that 4-HO-MET was increasing his capacity to write and produce music.

 Several days later, the subject emerged from the bunker. He was visible shaken but able to play us two audio interpretations of his experience, which he had named “Space Hobby” and “Carrera”. Penn described the former as “higher level inter-dimensional funk” and the latter as “hallucinatory house music devised by purple ghosts”. Releasing these compositions, codename “ST004”, may help prevent the spread of 4-HO-MET amongst the civilian population.